You consider yourself to be the cautious type. You don’t over-share on social media, and you shred your bank statements before you throw them in the bin.

What happens when you buy online?

Companies have your personal details

When you buy online, you provide businesses with important personal details including your name, phone number, home address and email address. You might also provide extra information, like your date of birth.

Any purchases you make can provide an additional insight into your home and your life.

Though it’s not guaranteed, buying a lot of pink clothes for children aged 6 would suggest that you’ve got a young daughter.

Signing up to Practical Boat Owner or Yachting Monthly may be a sign that you’re not short on money, and that you’re likely to be away from home quite a lot.

When you buy online, do you always check the security credentials and registration status of the business that you’re purchasing from? Have you ever used eBay, or been proud to ‘shop independent’? Supporting the little guy is fantastic, but be aware of who you’re sharing your details with.

The risks of buying online

There are always risks when you use online shops, or buy your items through eBay. You can’t always be sure who’s at the other end of the transaction. Take precautions by looking into a company’s history, or checking a seller’s feedback rating.

Even when companies have the best of intentions, things can sometimes go wrong. Invoices could end up inside the wrong parcels. Your details might be intercepted.

If you do believe that someone might be using your identity, or if you’re worried about a fraud risk, then it’s important to act as quickly as possible.

For very high value purchases from small businesses or individuals, consider background checks to limit the risk that you take.

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