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The great holiday fraud, and how businesses can utilise private investigators

This year, thousands of British tourists will travel to Europe and further afield to enjoy a well-earned holiday. For many, it’ll be the one break of the year and you may have invested a fair amount of money to take the whole family abroad. So it’s understandable that, when someone approaches you outside your hotel […]

The Private Detective in Fiction and in Real Life

Private detectives have inspired the creation of many fictional characters: Some seemingly taking on lives of their own and becoming celebrities in their own right. They have brought fame and fortune to their creators. Some of them became famous through appearing regularly for many years in comic strips. In such cases the character really does […]

Suspect an affair? Start with vehicle tracking

If you’re worried that your partner is having an affair but you’ve no evidence to back it up, it can be a deeply upsetting time. Are you concerned over nothing? Or if you confront them, could they twist your lack of knowledge so that you suspect everything’s fine, when in fact there is something to […]

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