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Rules Governing the Service of Court Documents in England

Why would you need a private detective agency just to serve court papers? In fact private investigators are among a number of agencies that are able to provide this service. However, being skilled as they are in finding people who may not want to be found does give them a distinct advantage. In order to […]

Save Yourself a Wasted Valentine’s

At this time of year, many couples are making romantic plans for St Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s new couples planning that first mini break together, or long-married partners sharing a meal at an old favourite restaurant, there are many ways to celebrate your love. Yet for some, Valentine’s isn’t a cause for celebration. Not just […]

Preventing equipment theft by employees

The modern workplace, whether an office, a factory or a tradesman’s van, is often filled with vital equipment, much of which can be specialist in nature. And specialist equals expensive. Which is why, when this equipment is stolen by an employee with access to it, it can cause a lot of problems for the company. […]

What is Process Serving all About?

Like many private detective agencies, EJM Investigations will undertake the serving of court or other legal documents on parties involved in legal proceedings. Process in this sense means the documents setting out the case and the procedures to be followed. The service or serving of these documents upon a person means ensuring that they are […]

Why Use a Private Investigator as a Process Server?

Process serving – the act of delivering formal court orders and related documents to a respondent – can be a bit of a minefield. There are many processes – no pun intended – to follow and documents must often be delivered in a timely manner. This isn’t always easy for a solicitor whose hands are […]

Beware Fly Tipping at Christmas

Christmas is a magical time, where families come together to celebrate their love for each other, give gifts, eat loads of food and have a generally wonderful time. But after Christmas is over, there’s a tree to dispose of, there may be playrooms overflowing with new and old toys, and the bins may be struggling […]

2018 – A Year In The Life Of A P.I.

It’s December already and everyone is looking forward to Christmas and similar celebrations. But December is also a time for looking back over the past year.What will the Private investigation profession have been getting up to since this time last year? It’s likely that the average private detective will have dealt with a variety of […]

Bring family together at Christmas

As we enter the festive season, no doubt our minds all turn to family and that quality time we can share together. Yet not everyone is as lucky to have their family available, and in some instances people have grown apart or, in extreme circumstances, family members may have gone missing altogether. It’s natural that, […]

Online Dating Scams

Online dating is now a huge industry, with around a quarter of new relationships starting through a dating website or a specialist app like Tinder. But how do you know who you’re talking to is real, especially when they start asking you for money? It’s awful to think that someone you’re falling for might not […]

Buyer Beware!

Or “Caveat emptor“, as the lawyers say, they do love to show off their Latin don’t they? However you express it, that principle applies when choosing a private detective or investigator, just as much as when buying a second-hand car. It’s an unfortunate fact that the private detective profession does attract rogue operators. While genuine, […]

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