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Provost Solves Murder Most Foul: Paris 1407

This is about a very early detective, though not actually a private detective in the modern sense. He wasn’t a policeman either: They did not exist in the 15th Century, certainly not as we know them today. However, Sir Guillaume de Tignonville could be described either as the King’s private detective or as a public […]

Everything above board

When running a company, it can be difficult to keep track of your employee’s behaviour. You can’t be everywhere at once, and even with electronic surveillance in place, you don’t always know to be checking it, and your workers may be able to avoid being spotted. This can lead to employees taking advantage. This may […]

Getting to the truth with a polygraph

Experienced private investigators are adept at carrying out background checks. Whether it’s looking into the history of a prospective high-value employee to ensure they’re the right fit, or finding out about the history of a partner before committing to marriage, there’s a wealth of evidence available to the trained eyes of a PI that help […]

What’s So Great About Women As Private Detectives?

Quite a lot actually! The role of the private detective is one for which women are well suited and the time is right for them. The opportunities open to the 21st Century woman would have been unimaginable to her great grandmother and surprising even to her grandmother. From the beginning of time the world of […]

Process Serving and Private Investigators

There are certain legal cases and situations where any documentation must be delivered in person. You wouldn’t want to risk vital papers getting lost in the post, nor do you want to give the recipient any excuses to pretend they never got the details. It’s important that there’s a record of documentation being delivered to […]

Self(ish) Employment

Since the digital revolution, it’s become a lot easier for people to try and run their own business. Digital skills are in high demand, and with so many tools available it doesn’t take long for someone to have a fully working website and social media accounts to try and build a client base. But getting […]

Private Investigators Worldwide

The world has shrunk considerably in the past 100 years as we all know. Not the planet itself of course, that may well be the same diameter as it has always been, but relative to time. The shrinkage probably started when the first steamships plied the world’s oceans, making the building of the Suez Canal […]

Tracking Council Tax Debt

It’s the end of the financial year, and also the time when new council tax bills are sent out by local authorities. But for many councils, they’ll still be owed thousands of pounds from last year that should be getting spent on public services. There are a number of legal options available to councils, including […]

Finding people through Facebook

Spend five minutes on Facebook these days and you’ll likely see a series of similar posts. Baby photos, political memes and competitions are commonplace. Unfortunately, you’re also likely to see a shared picture of someone who has gone missing. It’s unsurprising. People go missing more often than you think, and Facebook’s massive network, for better […]

TV Detectives

Dramas that feature private detectives are rarely missing from our TV schedules. Right now on BBC1 we have Strike in the evening and Shakespeare and Hathaway in the afternoon. Okay, the latter is presented as a mix of comedy and drama but it is still built around the idea of private detectives solving crimes which […]