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Social Media and the Private Detective

About a year ago the Press reported that private detective agencies were blaming the seemingly ubiquitous social media for a 49% reduction in matrimonial business. This was attributed to suspicious partners simply monitoring their spouses’ social media activities instead of employing private detectives. Could there perhaps be other reasons for private investigators losing this type […]

Delivering legal documents through a process server

Process serving is the act of delivering legal documents to an intended recipient by hand. There are a number of examples of legal papers that must be delivered in this way, rather than simply posted to the recipient. These include divorce petitions, court orders, injunctions and bankruptcy petitions, and many more. Technically, as process serving […]

The difference between GPS logging and real-time GPS

When people think of a private detective, there are some that understand the true nature of what we do, while some others naively think it’s all a bit exciting, with cool gadgets and super-sleuthing. While the truth is that most of the work involved is just hard graft and chasing down leads, there is some […]

CATFISH!!! Warning signs of scams when online dating

The explosion in social media and online dating has led to new ways for con-artists to work their trade. The “catfish” scam is one such way. Named such as it is all about exaggeration, untruths, and being farfetched, like the old fisherman’s tale “It was this big!”. Whilst the favoured targets of such scams are […]

GDPR and the Private Investigator

Don’t switch off! Yes, you’re sick of hearing about GDPR but for private investigators there is another, positive, aspect to it.  The General Data Protection Regulations came into force on 25th May this year. We’ve all got the message by now!  Every business, including private detective agencies, has been bombarded with all the scary stuff […]

Rest easy during holiday season

We’re enjoying one of the best summers in recent memory, and with that comes more holiday planning. It’s natural – sunnier weather puts us in the holiday mood, and we want to make the most of that, whether it’s at home in the UK on a city break or heading further afield. One of the […]

World Cup Woes

The World Cup is a huge event, and every four years the entire country seems to go absolutely football mad. With 64 games over the course of a month, it’s all you’ll hear talk of as everyone buys into the hype.   Which is great, unless you’re a business owner who needs your employees to […]

Provost Solves Murder Most Foul: Paris 1407

This is about a very early detective, though not actually a private detective in the modern sense. He wasn’t a policeman either: They did not exist in the 15th Century, certainly not as we know them today. However, Sir Guillaume de Tignonville could be described either as the King’s private detective or as a public […]

Everything above board

When running a company, it can be difficult to keep track of your employee’s behaviour. You can’t be everywhere at once, and even with electronic surveillance in place, you don’t always know to be checking it, and your workers may be able to avoid being spotted. This can lead to employees taking advantage. This may […]

Getting to the truth with a polygraph

Experienced private investigators are adept at carrying out background checks. Whether it’s looking into the history of a prospective high-value employee to ensure they’re the right fit, or finding out about the history of a partner before committing to marriage, there’s a wealth of evidence available to the trained eyes of a PI that help […]

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