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What is Process Serving all About?

Like many private detective agencies, EJM Investigations will undertake the serving of court or other legal documents on parties involved in legal proceedings. Process in this sense means the documents setting out the case and the procedures to be followed. The service or serving of these documents upon a person means ensuring that they are […]

Why Use a Private Investigator as a Process Server?

Process serving – the act of delivering formal court orders and related documents to a respondent – can be a bit of a minefield. There are many processes – no pun intended – to follow and documents must often be delivered in a timely manner. This isn’t always easy for a solicitor whose hands are […]

Delivering legal documents through a process server

Process serving is the act of delivering legal documents to an intended recipient by hand. There are a number of examples of legal papers that must be delivered in this way, rather than simply posted to the recipient. These include divorce petitions, court orders, injunctions and bankruptcy petitions, and many more. Technically, as process serving […]

Process Serving and Private Investigators

There are certain legal cases and situations where any documentation must be delivered in person. You wouldn’t want to risk vital papers getting lost in the post, nor do you want to give the recipient any excuses to pretend they never got the details. It’s important that there’s a record of documentation being delivered to […]

Process Serving: Legal Documents Served Through Facebook

Modern times call for modern approaches to how legal documents are served. The English High Court agrees. In 2012, the High Court ruled that a legal document could be served through Facebook when alternative methods of contact could not be found. In 2015, over in Manhattan, the Supreme Court ruled that divorce papers could be […]

Services to Solicitors – Process Serving

In most cases, the due process of legal proceedings requires that once court or other legal documents have been produced or issued they must be served upon the person to whom they are addressed. The court will need to be satisfied that the person named has indeed received the documents. By far the most certain […]

Working for the ‘Bad Guy’: Criminal Defence

In every court case, there is a defendant and a plaintiff and a defendant. A ‘good guy’ and a ‘bad guy’. It is the responsibility of the people in the courtroom, to determine whether the ‘bad guy’ really is bad. They view evidence. They listen to statements. Eventually, they make their decision. Whether they’re innocent […]

Locating an estate beneficiary in Bolton

Our offices were contacted by a solicitor client from Bolton. They were trying to locate a beneficiary of an estate. Unfortunately the target had a drug addiction and led a somewhat erratic lifestyle. This case was handed to our Bolton based Process server. When serving legal documents we often come up against evasive people who […]

What does a Private Investigator Do?

What does a private investigator do? Not wear a dirty mac and fedora for a start. Despite the popular images, and a lot of people’s beliefs that detective agencies spend their entire time catching cheating spouses, most professional, private sector investigators actually carry out a varied role. Trace Enquiries Missing persons, lost contacts or evasive […]

Happy New Year

Christmas week over and done. Mad Friday certainly lived up to it’s name. I had a few general bits to do and was plodding on when the phone went at around 2pm. By the time I’d gotten halfway into the city centre I had a fully booked day. Our legal clients had decided they wanted all manner of documents […]

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