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Adopted? Finding your biological parents

Adoption can raise questions. Often, these questions are only asked years down the line. If you were adopted in childhood, you might want to know about your biological parents. Perhaps you simply want to satisfy a curiosity? Even if you were raised by loving adoptive parents, and wouldn’t trade them for any alternative, you might […]

Prospective Employee Vetting and Background Checks

For checks and vetting of this kind you need the kind of properly trained and experienced private investigators employed by EJM Investigations. Let’s consider the kind of situations where you may be well advised to avail yourself of such services. When you think of vetting and background checks, it is all too easy to think […]

Are you being blackmailed?

It’s said that people today share too much. Whether you keep yourself to yourself, or post daily updates on Facebook, there is one thing that is always important. What you share should be your decision. You should be able to use discretion. You should be able to determine how many details you share, and who […]

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