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Bring family together at Christmas

As we enter the festive season, no doubt our minds all turn to family and that quality time we can share together. Yet not everyone is as lucky to have their family available, and in some instances people have grown apart or, in extreme circumstances, family members may have gone missing altogether. It’s natural that, […]

Mental health and missing relatives

The modern world has seen an increased focus on mental health. It’s a hot topic, as we try to understand what causes people to have mental health issues, and become more understanding and sensitive when trying to help. An unfortunately common result of mental health issues such as stress and anxiety is when someone disappears. […]

Evading trace – how to go off the grid

A recent story in the news told of a woman who was worried that her ex-boyfriend was stalking her, so she hired a private detective who did indeed find an iPhone stashed in her car, so that he could track her movements. Of course, the success of the private detective should come as no surprise. […]

The difference between GPS logging and real-time GPS

When people think of a private detective, there are some that understand the true nature of what we do, while some others naively think it’s all a bit exciting, with cool gadgets and super-sleuthing. While the truth is that most of the work involved is just hard graft and chasing down leads, there is some […]

Tracking Council Tax Debt

It’s the end of the financial year, and also the time when new council tax bills are sent out by local authorities. But for many councils, they’ll still be owed thousands of pounds from last year that should be getting spent on public services. There are a number of legal options available to councils, including […]

Finding people through Facebook

Spend five minutes on Facebook these days and you’ll likely see a series of similar posts. Baby photos, political memes and competitions are commonplace. Unfortunately, you’re also likely to see a shared picture of someone who has gone missing. It’s unsurprising. People go missing more often than you think, and Facebook’s massive network, for better […]

How investigators can help you with debtors

No matter the size of your company, if you’re owed money for a service you’ve provided then you’ll want prompt payment – especially as we approach what will be the end of the financial year for a number of businesses. So, when a debtor starts getting evasive and becomes harder to contact, it can be […]

Missing abroad – how a private investigator can help

When a friend or family member goes missing, it can be an extremely worrying time. Add in the complications of it happening in a foreign country, and it’d be understandable to think that the situation can be bleak. Yet even as months pass, it can still be possible to locate missing people if you hire […]

Suspect an affair? Start with vehicle tracking

If you’re worried that your partner is having an affair but you’ve no evidence to back it up, it can be a deeply upsetting time. Are you concerned over nothing? Or if you confront them, could they twist your lack of knowledge so that you suspect everything’s fine, when in fact there is something to […]

Debtor Tracing

There is some similarity between tracing debtors and seeking to find missing persons. In both cases someone has disappeared. What makes the task of tracking down a debtor different to that of finding any other kind of missing person is that the investigator starts out fully aware of the reason for going missing. The downside […]

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