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How a private detective can help with a cheating spouse

Hopefully, you’ll never need the services of a private investigator to help find out if your husband or wife is cheating on you. Or at least, if you do need to hire a PI, they’ll find that your worries were unfounded and your partner is faithful. Yet this isn’t always the case. Many people cheat […]

Proposed UK Divorce Law Shake-Up

How will this affect private detectives, private investigators and private enquiry agents? Whatever you call them, any change is bound to affect them, but it is far too early to judge what the effect will be. It is only a proposal for consideration so far but, forewarned is forearmed and whether you are a private […]

Evading trace – how to go off the grid

A recent story in the news told of a woman who was worried that her ex-boyfriend was stalking her, so she hired a private detective who did indeed find an iPhone stashed in her car, so that he could track her movements. Of course, the success of the private detective should come as no surprise. […]

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