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Buyer Beware!

Or “Caveat emptor“, as the lawyers say, they do love to show off their Latin don’t they? However you express it, that principle applies when choosing a private detective or investigator, just as much as when buying a second-hand car. It’s an unfortunate fact that the private detective profession does attract rogue operators. While genuine, […]

January moonlighting and how it can affect your business

As your employees make their way through January, some might be struggling for money. Christmas is expensive. New Year celebrations can quickly deplete a bank account. Employees enter January short of funds, then end up tempted into further difficulty by SALE signs in every window. Small wonder, then, that many turn to January moonlighting. Employees […]

Dealing with absenteeism

When you’re an employer, regardless of business size, your biggest asset is your staff. They’re also your largest expense. Whether you have a huge corporation or a small team that keep things ticking over, it’s vital you’re getting the best out of them at all times. So, when someone is regularly absent, you’ll no doubt […]

Prospective Employee Vetting and Background Checks

For checks and vetting of this kind you need the kind of properly trained and experienced private investigators employed by EJM Investigations. Let’s consider the kind of situations where you may be well advised to avail yourself of such services. When you think of vetting and background checks, it is all too easy to think […]

Criminal Defence: When Evidence Runs Out

Anyone can make an attempt to argue their innocence. But in court, it’s evidence that matters. With lots of clear evidence, a verdict can easily be decided. When evidence is unclear, patchy or non-existent, troubles begin to arise. In cases that can’t be quickly and easily resolved, there is often not enough evidence to make […]

Inspector Gadget? How Modern Should Your Private Investigator Be?

We’re living in the age of technology. We have limitless information at our fingertips and we’re experiencing convenience the likes of which our great grandparents could only ever have dreamed about as children. We can shop 24/7, order items online and have them delivered to our door the very next day, and can even go […]

What does a Private Investigator Do?

What does a private investigator do? Not wear a dirty mac and fedora for a start. Despite the popular images, and a lot of people’s beliefs that detective agencies spend their entire time catching cheating spouses, most professional, private sector investigators actually carry out a varied role. Trace Enquiries Missing persons, lost contacts or evasive […]

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