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Beware Fly Tipping at Christmas

Christmas is a magical time, where families come together to celebrate their love for each other, give gifts, eat loads of food and have a generally wonderful time. But after Christmas is over, there’s a tree to dispose of, there may be playrooms overflowing with new and old toys, and the bins may be struggling […]

2018 – A Year In The Life Of A P.I.

It’s December already and everyone is looking forward to Christmas and similar celebrations. But December is also a time for looking back over the past year.What will the Private investigation profession have been getting up to since this time last year? It’s likely that the average private detective will have dealt with a variety of […]

Online Dating Scams

Online dating is now a huge industry, with around a quarter of new relationships starting through a dating website or a specialist app like Tinder. But how do you know who you’re talking to is real, especially when they start asking you for money? It’s awful to think that someone you’re falling for might not […]

A bit of background can go a long way

Whether you’re a financial company offering credit services to other businesses, or you’re looking to merge or take over another organisation, there’s an air of uncertainty that can certainly be worrying. Even if you carry out as much research as possible, there’s only so much you’ll be able to find out. How do you really […]

Been Had by a Scam?

Can a private investigator help? It is well worth consulting a good firm of private detectives to find out because they are far more likely to be successful than anyone else. The Police have pretty limited resources to call on for this type of crime. Your bank will have its own investigators but as long […]

Playing it safe

Private investigators are often viewed by the wider public as people who make a living purely from following husbands or wives suspected of cheating on their partner. In reality, it’s a hugely varied profession with work carried out for individuals and large organisations, including councils. One of the many jobs a private investigator can assist […]

Proposed UK Divorce Law Shake-Up

How will this affect private detectives, private investigators and private enquiry agents? Whatever you call them, any change is bound to affect them, but it is far too early to judge what the effect will be. It is only a proposal for consideration so far but, forewarned is forearmed and whether you are a private […]

CATFISH!!! Warning signs of scams when online dating

The explosion in social media and online dating has led to new ways for con-artists to work their trade. The “catfish” scam is one such way. Named such as it is all about exaggeration, untruths, and being farfetched, like the old fisherman’s tale “It was this big!”. Whilst the favoured targets of such scams are […]

GDPR and the Private Investigator

Don’t switch off! Yes, you’re sick of hearing about GDPR but for private investigators there is another, positive, aspect to it.  The General Data Protection Regulations came into force on 25th May this year. We’ve all got the message by now!  Every business, including private detective agencies, has been bombarded with all the scary stuff […]

Everything above board

When running a company, it can be difficult to keep track of your employee’s behaviour. You can’t be everywhere at once, and even with electronic surveillance in place, you don’t always know to be checking it, and your workers may be able to avoid being spotted. This can lead to employees taking advantage. This may […]

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