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Investigation of Injury Claims

EJM Investigations are able to assist a wide range of clients with the investigation of suspected fraudulent injury claims anywhere in the UK, and if necessary, on an international basis. This includes insurance companies, but is not necessary limited to them. Small business owners and local authorities can be targeted by this sort of fraud. Some people even think larger businesses and corporations deserve it, and should budget for it.

It is common practise for some firms to pay out quickly as this is often cheaper than a long drawn out court case, even if it is eventually won, legal costs can far outstrip any early settlement fee. However this attitude of just paying out can be much more expensive in the long term, as it could lead to a business being targeted by fraudulent claimants looking for a quick pay-out. It is our belief that investigating the legitimacy of personal injury claims should be as much a part of any due diligence, as trying to avoid accidents happening in the first place.

Do you suspect that an injury may not be what it seems and is perhaps a ploy to extract compensation as part of an injury claim?

The answer lies in employing EJM Investigations to carry out surveillance of the claimant at an early a stage as possible. If it transpires the injury appears to be legitimate, a pay-out can be offered, pre court claim. If there is reason to suspect it is a fraudulent injury claim our private detectives can continue any surveillance and gather further evidence. Quite often, once significant evidence of fraud is gathered the “injured” party will withdraw their claim. Otherwise, a much reduced pay-out may be appropriate, especially if deemed, there was an accident, and the injury is exaggerated, rather than made up.

Investigation of fraudulent claims of injuries is often surveillance intensive, which in turn is one of the more costly services provided by private investigators. EJM Investigations will liaise closely with our client so they are fully appraised of any evidence we have gathered as soon as we have it. This will prevent any surveillance being used longer than necessary and minimising costs.

EJM investigations private detective agency are able to conduct surveillance with small or large teams of operatives as required by the assignment. We don’t place additional charges for surveillance during unsociable hours as we realise this is the most likely time to gathered crucial evidence. Strangely, many people who put in fraudulent injury claims seem to think they won’t get caught during evenings and weekends...

Once the enquiries are completed by the private detectives from EJM Investigations we will compile a detailed report, with statements from the operatives who conducted the surveillance. Any pictures or video will be exhibited to the report as required. Should the claim still proceed to court our agents will be able to attend and give evidence as witnesses at the hearing.

Based in Preston, EJM Investigations has a network of experienced private detectives across the UK. We are able to assist in all major towns and cities and are very competitive on prices. We never advertise as cheap private detectives but our prices are often less than large national chains and local investigation firms.

If you require a private detective to investigate what you suspect to be a fraudulent injury claim against you, then contact EJM Investigations on 01772 334700 for a free phone consultation.