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When would you need a PI for criminal defence?

If you are being taken to court, your criminal defence lawyer has the job of representing you. It is their job to assess the evidence. They need to find the best possible outcome, whether you are innocent or guilty. A private investigator does not work on your case. Instead, they’re dedicated to finding the evidence […]

Fraudulent Sick Leave

This can be a tricky one for an employer. You have an employee who takes more time off sick than the company average but what should you do? You don’t want to fall foul of employment law by discriminating against someone who is genuinely experiencing health problems and end up in a tribunal. It’s bad […]

Types of Evidence Allowed for Criminal Defence

Private investigators involved in criminal defence must build a solid collection of evidence. Their skills and expertise will be extremely valuable, when the evidence is being sourced. As well as knowing how and where to find it, private investigators must be aware of which pieces of evidence will be accepted. Typically, evidence can be physical […]

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