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Can a private detective help a stalking victim?

Stalking is defined as a course of action, by way of persistent or unwanted attention by a person or group against another. Sometimes the offender will be known to the victim whilst other times the victim will have no idea who the offender is. There are 2 main ways that a private investigator may assist […]

Top 10 Tips On How To Deal With A Stalker

For many people, the first realisation they may be being stalked can cause fear and anxiety. However EJM Investigations have put together a guide to help the victim take back control. Our private detectives have assisted in cases of stalking and have put together 10 tips to help you deal with a stalker. 1) Assert […]

10 signs you’re being stalked

Many people like to joke that a private investigator is little more than a professional stalker. However that is not the case. Private detectives have an investigation to complete, and any reputable firm should be able to carry out a brief and focused investigation, gathering the facts with minimal intrusion into the subject’s life, and […]

Hiring a private investigator when the police can’t help

Overstretched and limited by budgets, our police force cannot do everything. You can turn to the police for many things, but there are times when they can’t help or when they’re not able to dedicate their time to you. Hiring a private investigator may help in circumstances where you need to increase your options, or […]

Tracing Missing Persons

Some people go missing due to circumstances beyond their control. They may be victims of crime. They may suffer amnesia, possibly brought on by stress, or other mental issues. In such cases, as with children and adults who are vulnerable for whatever reason, police and other agencies will go to great lengths to find them. […]

Private Investigator Trade Associations

When you’re choosing a private investigator, you need to be assured of their quality. Will your chosen investigator do a good job, or will they sit at home drinking coffee whilst they’re charging you by the hour? Does your private investigator have a record of success, or did they set their business up yesterday? There […]

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