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EJM Investigations

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Since 2002 - Over 10 years experience in the private detective and investigation field

Pre-Sue Reports

Establishing a subject's assets before costly legal action is essential.
Our private investigators can compile pre-sue reports which include:

Employment confirmation and details

Lifestyle checks

ID check

Confirmation of given address and previous addresses

CCJ search

Bankruptcy search

Property ownership search

Directorship searches

All these searches are carried out by our private detectives in the quickest time possible.. This ensures the subject has no time to dispose of, or hide assets.

If you are planning on suing someone, we can create a pre-sue report to examine if you have a strong enough case or not

If you have won your case but believe the subject has since moved assets we can help in identifying and locating the assets, ensuring you get what you are owed.

Our private detectives work with the utmost discretion to ensure the subject unaware of the checks being made. To discuss your needs further contact us on 01772 334700.