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Mental health and missing relatives

The modern world has seen an increased focus on mental health. It’s a hot topic, as we try to understand what causes people to have mental health issues, and become more understanding and sensitive when trying to help. An unfortunately common result of mental health issues such as stress and anxiety is when someone disappears. […]

Been Had by a Scam?

Can a private investigator help? It is well worth consulting a good firm of private detectives to find out because they are far more likely to be successful than anyone else. The Police have pretty limited resources to call on for this type of crime. Your bank will have its own investigators but as long […]

Playing it safe

Private investigators are often viewed by the wider public as people who make a living purely from following husbands or wives suspected of cheating on their partner. In reality, it’s a hugely varied profession with work carried out for individuals and large organisations, including councils. One of the many jobs a private investigator can assist […]

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