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The benefits of councils using private investigators

One of the most common stories you’ll see in the local news is when someone is convicted of benefit fraud, having taken thousands of pounds of money that they weren’t entitled to. Unfortunately, there are even stories of people who’ve been falsely found guilty of benefit fraud – having essential money taken away from them […]

It’s not just people that need tracing sometimes…

Two of the more common services we provide are in tracing a missing person, or tracking a vehicle with a GPS device. Much rarer is the tracing of a missing vehicle. However, the life of a private investigator can be varied, and that was the case with a recent news story. A Lamborghini that had […]

Regulation of Private Investigators

When you consider engaging the services of a private investigator you might well ask the question, “Is this firm properly licensed?” If you are in the United Kingdom, the answer is simple. No, it is not and cannot be, since no licensing or other forms of regulation of the private investigation industry exists in Britain. […]

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