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Preventing equipment theft by employees

The modern workplace, whether an office, a factory or a tradesman’s van, is often filled with vital equipment, much of which can be specialist in nature. And specialist equals expensive. Which is why, when this equipment is stolen by an employee with access to it, it can cause a lot of problems for the company. […]

Rest easy during holiday season

We’re enjoying one of the best summers in recent memory, and with that comes more holiday planning. It’s natural – sunnier weather puts us in the holiday mood, and we want to make the most of that, whether it’s at home in the UK on a city break or heading further afield. One of the […]

Everything above board

When running a company, it can be difficult to keep track of your employee’s behaviour. You can’t be everywhere at once, and even with electronic surveillance in place, you don’t always know to be checking it, and your workers may be able to avoid being spotted. This can lead to employees taking advantage. This may […]

Self(ish) Employment

Since the digital revolution, it’s become a lot easier for people to try and run their own business. Digital skills are in high demand, and with so many tools available it doesn’t take long for someone to have a fully working website and social media accounts to try and build a client base. But getting […]

Dealing With Insurance Fraud

Because all too many people have come to regard insurance companies as “fair game” when it comes to making a spurious or exaggerated insurance claim, the insurance industry has to use every means at its disposal to defend itself. In doing so, it is also defending the majority of honest policyholders against ever increasing premiums. […]

January moonlighting and how it can affect your business

As your employees make their way through January, some might be struggling for money. Christmas is expensive. New Year celebrations can quickly deplete a bank account. Employees enter January short of funds, then end up tempted into further difficulty by SALE signs in every window. Small wonder, then, that many turn to January moonlighting. Employees […]

Alcohol, Christmas and Surveillance

A Christmas drink is a great tradition, with families, friends and co-workers often heading to the friendly local pub for a tipple to celebrate the holiday season. From a pub’s point of view, it can be a busy time, which is great for business. Yet some establishments try to push the boundaries to take advantage, […]

Cohabitation and cheating the courts

Getting a divorce can be one of the most complicated and stressful times of your life. It’s not just the actual process itself but the aftermath too. A divorce can absolutely be necessary but it’s not as simple as going back to single life, particularly if there are children involved. One of the most sensitive […]

Stag and Hen Party Surveillance

If there’s one person in the world you should trust, it’s your partner. A solid relationship can’t work without trust, but sometimes you can’t help but wonder if they’re as invested in the relationship as you are. If you have these feelings then they’ll likely get even stronger when you get engaged. Getting married is […]

Is The Involvement of Private Investigators in Matrimonial Break-Ups Becoming a Thing of the Past?

According to recent press reports, based on information from law firms specialising in Family Law, it would appear so. Apparently, the increasing use of social media and other internet services has made it much easier for suspicious spouses to track their partners’ clandestine activities for themselves without the need to pay for the services of […]

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