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Criminal Defence & Preventing Miscarriages Of Justice

This week, a student from Oxford University who was awaiting trial for rape has had his charges dropped just before he was due in court. The reason? New evidence that was uncovered which supported his case, which caused the prosecution to withdraw. This is the fourth such case in the past couple of months where […]

More History…. Pinkerton’s

Following on from our brief look at some early private detectives in Britain and France, what about the United States? There, the history of private detective services is really the history of one agency. No, not Perry Mason or Magnum P.I, but the real-life detective agency, Pinkerton’s. Founded in Chicago in 1855 by Allan Pinkerton, […]

January moonlighting and how it can affect your business

As your employees make their way through January, some might be struggling for money. Christmas is expensive. New Year celebrations can quickly deplete a bank account. Employees enter January short of funds, then end up tempted into further difficulty by SALE signs in every window. Small wonder, then, that many turn to January moonlighting. Employees […]

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