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EJM Investigations

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Since 2002 - Over 10 years experience in the private detective and investigation field

Corporate Clients - Detective Services

At EJM Investigations we have many years of experience in serving our commercial client base.

A number of employers use our expertise to assist them in solving issues they have with problem employees.

Corporate and commercial private detective servicees

Tradesmen who moonlight, often using company vehicles and tools is a common issue. Fraudulent sick leave is another. Theft from the workplace is something we have been asked to deal with in the past, whether that be to identify the culprit, or to finalise the evidence against a known suspect.

Solicitors use us to gather evidence, and more commonly serve legal process on respondents.. We can attend court, be it to give evidence, or merely to observe a hearing and report back to the client.

Local authorities are another large client of ours, again using our private detective agency for both process serving and surveillance.

So why EJM Investigations? Our experience working with such a broad commercial client base ensures you not only get the most cost effective service when instructing us, but also that evidence is gathered in a moral, ethical and most importantly LEGAL way..

We are able to present evidence in a fashion that is court admissible. After all, poor evidence that is inadmissible is effectively worthless.

Whatever your problem, call our commercial investigators now to see what we can do to assist you.

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