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Fly Tipping Investigations

As the cost of waste disposal continues to rise, and cut to council budgets get deeper, fly tipping is becoming a greater nuisance that blights communities. In 2015/16 UK councils spent a collective ÂŁ50million clearing up illegally dumped waste.

EJM Investigations are able to assist councils in tackling this problem. Our experienced detectives can help identify fly tippers, capture evidence of fly tipping, and, when necessary attend court and provide witness statements to assist with the prosecution of those responsible for illegally dumping waste.

Have you caught or do you need to catch someone in the act of fly-tipping? Let us investigate and get to the truth

Since the dawn of social media, more and more companies use platforms such as facebook to advertise services. A householder can easily fall victim to rogue waste collectors, believing them to be legitimate companies, paying for them to remove waste, only to later find out that the rubbish was dumped illegally. The household themselves would then be fined, but those who actually dumped the rubbish can escape justice by closing their social media profile and starting a new one.

EJM Investigations and deploy private detectives and surveillance experts to identify those dumping the waste and provide the evidence to bring them to justice.

We are able to deploy a static surveillance team to fly tipping hotspots, with a range of covert equipment to gain photographic evidence of the vehicles, the people, and the actual offence taking place. It is sometimes possible to place fixed cameras in hot spots for illegal waste dumping, but as those responsible become aware of this tactic they simply avoid the cameras, cover their faces and remove or alter registration plates on vehicles. By having a surveillance operator deployed on site we would be able to identify if any such tactics were being used (often vehicle plates are change just out of range of the cameras, ad changed back in the close vicinity, to prevent tracking by ANPR cameras) EJM investigations’ surveillance experts would recognise this, and switch to mobile surveillance. This could aid in providing identification of offenders, and in finding the vehicles true identity. Our surveillance agents could also follow the offenders back to home addresses to assist identification, should the vehicles be falsely registered.

EJM Investigations are also willing to accept instruction from private clients who may live near a fly tipping hotspot, or who may have paid to have waste removed, only to later be accused of fly tipping due to rogue waste operatives. We can track down the people you may have employed to remove your waste, or we can deploy surveillance operatives to identify those regularly dumping waste near your home or workplace.

Local councils looking for assistance in tackling fly tipping and illegal waste dumping can call EJM Investigations now on 01772 334700 for immediate UK wide assistance.