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Since 2002 - Over 10 years experience in the private detective and investigation field

Local Councils - Detective Services

Private detectives and process servers from EJM Investigations are experienced in assisting Local Authorities and Councils. Over the years we have assisted both local town councils and County councils in various matters.

Our highly experienced process servers are regularly tasked with assisting the legal departments of many government agencies with fast and efficient delivery of legal documents. These can include injunctions, court orders, anti-social behaviour orders, witness summonses or just the personal service of case documents in ongoing proceedings. In most cases we can make the first attempt at serving documents the same day!

Private investigators for the Local Council

The trained professional investigators used by EJM Investigations can help councils in a variety of manners:

Internal Staff issues

Like any large organisation, local authorities often have high staff numbers. Our private detectives can offer assistance with problems including fraudulent sick leave, moonlighting, injury claims against the council or even matters like internal thefts etc. We can deploy surveillance operatives at any time of day or night and often at short notice. By presenting our final report in a professional way, we can often assist the council in eradicating the issue, or if necessary ensuring the is enough evidence for the legal dismissal of problem employees.


A problem faced by many councils is fraudulent claiming of benefits. EJM Investigations can rapidly deploy a highly skilled surveillance team to assist in gathering evidence of all kinds of benefit fraud. Fake disability claims or people claiming housing benefits when working, or even claiming to live alone when they don’t, are just some of the matters we have gathered evidence in. Co-habiting is one area were many councils need covert evidence gathering abilities. With access to customised surveillance vehicles, we at EJM Investigations can quickly gather evidence of co-habiting without the subject of the investigation ever being aware of our presence.

Another area councils are targeted with fraudulent claims is for injuries sustained on council owned footpaths and roads. Many people who submit these claims are hoping for a prompt pay out as the local authority seeks to minimise costs of a long legal battle. By obtaining damning evidence early on, that a claimant has falsified or exaggerated their injuries, the council can massively reduce the compensation paid. Once it is known that the local authority is willing to take such steps, any future targeting of said council by fake claimants will be reduced.

Fly Tipping

As the cost of waste removal increases, so do incidents of fly tipping. Clearing up a load of tipped rubbish cost UK councils a collective £50 million in 2015/2016. By utilising surveillance experts from a private detective agency, councils can target known hotspots and both identify the offender, and gather evidence of the offence taking place. Evidence gathered in this manner is often of better quality than CCTV, and is backed up by a witness statement.

EJM Investigations’ private detectives and process servers are happy to accept instructions off Local Authorities either as a one off instruction or as part of a continual arrangement. When spending tax payers money councils need to ensure that the money is spent in appropriate ways. By instructing a firm such as EJM Investigations, with our highly rated service, you get a bespoke, cost effective investigation that delivers both good value to the tax payer, and a service which maintains the high levels of professionalism expected of government authorities.

Any investigation carried out for a local authority must by law be within the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act.

If you wish to instruct us for either investigation work, or process serving, anywhere in the UK call us today on 01772 334700