Sounds like a job for a pest control specialist rather than for a private detective doesn’t it? Actually it calls for neither of these. Let’s leave the pest control expert to deal with infestations of cockroaches and other unpleasant creepy-crawlies and the private investigator to deal with the problems caused by humans.  This is about the other kind of bugs; those tiny hidden cameras and microphones that unscrupulous people surreptitiously install in other people’s premises for their own nefarious purposes.

As already stated, private detectives don’t normally deal with such things: It’s a specialised job. However, they are the people to consult when you need to find the right de-bugging specialist to deal with electronic bugs. At EJM Investigations we know there are companies out there who will come and look impressive with their highly technical looking boxes complete with flashing lights and beepers. They have all the bells and whistles but do they actually do the job? You won’t know, maybe until it’s too late!

The de-bugging expert that EJM Investigations bring in is not a private detective or a process server doing de-bugging as an add-on service. He is a specialist professional counter surveillance technical engineer, highly trained and with many years of experience in this specialised field.

The size and complexity of the building presents no problems to our expert. Obviously larger, more complex buildings take more time but that is the only difference between a small terraced house and a large many storied city office block.

Like all electronic technology, that involved in surveillance equipment is constantly and rapidly evolving. We can only admire the way our engineer keeps pace with this rapidly developing technology in terms of both his own knowledge and the equipment he uses. Only by combining the use of state of the art equipment and his own up to date knowledge and experience can any counter surveillance engineer be sure of finding all of the latest bugging equipment which may have been installed in your premises.

By calling in EJM Investigations you can be sure that the de-bugging expert we engage for you is the best in the business. Of course, when he has done his work, you may well then wish to call on our investigative skills to track down the source of this attempted industrial or commercial espionage.

That’s where our private detectives come in. It is what we do best and we do it better than most.  We cover the locations of Liverpool and more.

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