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Trace Missing Persons
Trace Missing Persons

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Process Server

Since 2002 - Over 20 years experience in the private detective and investigation field

Frequently Asked Questions

Are private investigation services confidential?

All our services and consultations are confidential. We don’t keep hold of any clients personal information any longer than is necessary. We regularly receive calls asking if we were involved in finding evidence against a person. In no circumstances will we enter into conversation on such matters, neither to confirm nor deny.

Will a person I want tracing know I’m looking for them?

This depends on the reasons for the trace enquiry. If we are not satisfied you have a reasonable need to trace a person then we cannot disclose an address or phone number to you. In this situation we will offer to speak to the person and pass your contact details onto them. This will always be discussed before the onset of any such investigation so you are fully informed before commencing.

Is it legal to have someone followed and put under surveillance?

Short answer is yes. There are issues with invasion of privacy, however anything that happens in a public space can be watched/photographed/videoed. If it happens in a private area then this becomes intrusive surveillance. If any evidence obtained is deemed by a court to be intrusive then good reason must be given why the intrusion occurred.. For this reason we try not to get involved with intrusive surveillance as it is unfair on the subject, and in most cases, unnecessary for the investigation

The other issue is if you have been issued an injunction not to contact/harass/approach a person. Injunction normally carry the clause that you are also prohibited from instructing anyone else to. Any instruction to carry out such surveillance may be seen as a breach of the court order. We recommend you speak to a solicitor before engaging the services of a private detective in these circumstances.

How long does it take to complete an enquiry?

It is dependent on the type of enquiry and the nature of the investigation. We are aware that often there are time restrictions if evidence is to be submitted to court or a tribunal.. We always agree a time frame for work up front with the client.

What are your payment terms and methods for private investigations?

We accept cash, cheque and bank transfer. For private clients we will require a deposit (around 50% of expected bill), and any outstanding balance or overpayment is settled when your report is delivered.

For businesses we operate a 30days payment scheme, which begins when invoice is submitted. For long term enquiries we may ask for regular monthly payments.

For solicitor clients we generally expect payment in 30 days but will accept later payments if agreed in advance.

What guarantee is there on the results?

We can’t guarantee any results. We are conducting investigations based on peoples suspicions.. What we do, however, is provide detailed reports, photographic and video evidence ensuring you are kept up to date with the investigation. We allow clients to have their investigation conducted in small stages allowing for tem to stop things if they feel we atre not moving towards a result.

How do you find people you are tracing?

We use a mixture of online databases and groundwork. This is dependant on the reason we need to trace the person, and how likely it is they don’t want to be found. Final decisions on methods are made after your initial free consultation.

What information do you need?

Whilst we can begin and work through an investigation with very little information, it is important you give us all the information you have. Otherwise you are simply paying us to confirm what you could of told us. The more information we have at the start, the quicker and more cost effectively we can complete your investigation.

How soon can you begin an investigation?

We generally advise clients to give us a weeks notice. This allows us to do some background, prepare ourselves and identify any problems we may encounter. We will always endeavour to help clients at short notice.

For process serving we can collect papers and attempt service within 24 hours.

What areas do your private investigators cover?

Our private detective agency works across the UK. We have a network of agents who we use regularly. There is no effect on the cost to the client, but you get the added security of knowing we have worked with these agents before and they are both reliable, and capable.

What hours do private detectives work?

Our hours are dictated by the cases. We are able to have investigator working at any time of day or night.

Will my partner find out I am checking up on them?

Normally no. However it has rarely happened that an agent is spotted. If confronted we would never say what we were doing, or who we are working for. It is up to the client if they would deny having employed a private detective, if confronted.

How much does a detective agency charge?

We have a basic hourly rate but are happy to take jobs on on a fixed fee basis. We also charge expenses incurred on a job such as mileage, parking, tickets. Any unusual expenses would be cleared with the client first. Call us to discuss our rates.

How does vehicle tracking work?

We use covert GPS trackers which take seconds to deploy and recover. We can log into these at any time to check up on a vehicles position or just get a daily report. The live tracking panels can update as regular as every 5 seconds so we can use them to tail a subject, or turned down to update every hour or longer, giving a longer battery life. Useful if only needing to know where a vehicle stops.