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Online Dating Scams

Online dating is now a huge industry, with around a quarter of new relationships starting through a dating website or a specialist app like Tinder. But how do you know who you’re talking to is real, especially when they start asking you for money? It’s awful to think that someone you’re falling for might not […]

Buyer Beware!

Or “Caveat emptor“, as the lawyers say, they do love to show off their Latin don’t they? However you express it, that principle applies when choosing a private detective or investigator, just as much as when buying a second-hand car. It’s an unfortunate fact that the private detective profession does attract rogue operators. While genuine, […]

A bit of background can go a long way

Whether you’re a financial company offering credit services to other businesses, or you’re looking to merge or take over another organisation, there’s an air of uncertainty that can certainly be worrying. Even if you carry out as much research as possible, there’s only so much you’ll be able to find out. How do you really […]

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