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Waiting for regulation, and avoiding poor service

Back in July 2013, then-Home Secretary Theresa May announced plans to introduce regulation to the private investigation industry. Finally, it was to become a criminal offence to operate as an unlicensed investigator, and customers would be safe from those who could exploit them by setting up a poor quality, or even a fake, investigation agency. […]

Dealing With Insurance Fraud

Because all too many people have come to regard insurance companies as “fair game” when it comes to making a spurious or exaggerated insurance claim, the insurance industry has to use every means at its disposal to defend itself. In doing so, it is also defending the majority of honest policyholders against ever increasing premiums. […]

Fighting False Injury Claims Against A Council

According to the adverts you can now see anywhere, making a claim for injury that’s not your fault is a piece of cake. And in the modern world, where so many are looking for shortcuts to big money, it’s not surprising that false claims are often made. One of the easiest targets? The local council. […]

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