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Three ‘Sherlock’ Traits that a Private Investigator Should Have

Filming is currently taking place for a ‘Victorian’ special episode of Sherlock, featuring actor Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes. Holmes might be the most famous private investigator or private detective of all, and his story is a timeless classic. Modern (and, for that matter, real) private investigators share many traits with Sherlock Holmes. Whilst the […]

Top 5 Private Detective Myths

Like many things in life, most people’s perceptions of something are based on a little actual knowledge, and a lot of TV drama. Private investigation is no different. Many of the requests for our services we receive are based on this limited insight. So what are the top 5 misconceptions people have when they think […]

Hiring a Private Investigator to Help When Others Won’t

Some people choose to hire private investigators even when there are other options available, whilst some turn to private investigators when doors have been closed in their face. If you’ve found that others can’t offer the help that you need, then contacting EJM private investigators could provide you with a new and effective way to […]

Online Dating: Investigators Help to Find Mr or Mrs Right

According to recent statistics, 20% of heterosexual couples first met online. For homosexual couples, the figure is much higher at around 70%. Online dating is becoming a bigger and bigger part of modern life, replacing ‘old fashioned’ ways of finding a partner, but things aren’t all positive. Though many online relationships lead to marriages and […]

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