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Who has your personal information? Limiting risk of fraud.

You consider yourself to be the cautious type. You don’t over-share on social media, and you shred your bank statements before you throw them in the bin. What happens when you buy online? Companies have your personal details When you buy online, you provide businesses with important personal details including your name, phone number, home […]


Sounds like a job for a pest control specialist rather than for a private detective doesn’t it? Actually it calls for neither of these. Let’s leave the pest control expert to deal with infestations of cockroaches and other unpleasant creepy-crawlies and the private investigator to deal with the problems caused by humans.  This is about […]

Investigation: the importance of networks

This topic may be a difficult one to read about, and to think about. But, there’s a lesson within. It’s a lesson that can help with investigations of every type and size. Recently, you’ll have been following news of UK terror attacks. You’ll also have noticed what happens in the days that follow the attack. […]

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