Vehicle tracking can help you to uncover the truth behind a suspected affair

If you’re worried that your partner is having an affair but you’ve no evidence to back it up, it can be a deeply upsetting time. Are you concerned over nothing? Or if you confront them, could they twist your lack of knowledge so that you suspect everything’s fine, when in fact there is something to hide?

How tracking a vehicle can help

Often a person who’s having an affair will make excuses for spending time away from you. They need to work late, or there’s an important business trip. Maybe they’re telling you they’re suddenly more dedicated to the gym?

By getting help from a private investigator to fit a vehicle tracker, you can see if they’re telling the truth. Is the car really parked at work, or is it taking a detour on its way home?

Different trackers for different budgets

There are two main types of tracker available. GPS loggers are cheaper, and don’t transmit data live – so you can only find out where a vehicle has been once the device is recovered. They’re a good entry level tool to help decide if full surveillance is necessary.

The alternative is a live tracker, which as the name indicates give live updates on a vehicle’s location, so you can know straight away where the driver is visiting. They’re more expensive but over time can pay for themselves with the evidence they gather.

Subtle and discreet technology

You’d think that a sophisticated piece of tech like a tracker would be noticeable, but in fact the trackers we use are very small and can be placed in a very discreet location, often under a wheel arch or behind a license plate where people don’t tend to check.

Installation takes seconds too, so you don’t need a complex plan to distract the subject – it can be placed on the car quickly with no one becoming suspicious.

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