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Rules Governing the Service of Court Documents in England

Why would you need a private detective agency just to serve court papers? In fact private investigators are among a number of agencies that are able to provide this service. However, being skilled as they are in finding people who may not want to be found does give them a distinct advantage. In order to […]

Save Yourself a Wasted Valentine’s

At this time of year, many couples are making romantic plans for St Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s new couples planning that first mini break together, or long-married partners sharing a meal at an old favourite restaurant, there are many ways to celebrate your love. Yet for some, Valentine’s isn’t a cause for celebration. Not just […]

The three main ways a private detective can help with process serving

Process serving (the act of delivering court papers to a subject by hand) isn’t always a smooth process. Because the papers need to be delivered in person, there can be some roadblocks. It’s worth considering using a private detective for your process serving needs, as these issues can often be resolved easily with the right […]

Social Media and the Private Detective

About a year ago the Press reported that private detective agencies were blaming the seemingly ubiquitous social media for a 49% reduction in matrimonial business. This was attributed to suspicious partners simply monitoring their spouses’ social media activities instead of employing private detectives. Could there perhaps be other reasons for private investigators losing this type […]

Rest easy during holiday season

We’re enjoying one of the best summers in recent memory, and with that comes more holiday planning. It’s natural – sunnier weather puts us in the holiday mood, and we want to make the most of that, whether it’s at home in the UK on a city break or heading further afield. One of the […]

Waiting for regulation, and avoiding poor service

Back in July 2013, then-Home Secretary Theresa May announced plans to introduce regulation to the private investigation industry. Finally, it was to become a criminal offence to operate as an unlicensed investigator, and customers would be safe from those who could exploit them by setting up a poor quality, or even a fake, investigation agency. […]

Criminal Defence & Preventing Miscarriages Of Justice

This week, a student from Oxford University who was awaiting trial for rape has had his charges dropped just before he was due in court. The reason? New evidence that was uncovered which supported his case, which caused the prosecution to withdraw. This is the fourth such case in the past couple of months where […]

Britain’s First Modern Private Investigators?

Although his name will not be familiar to most people today, Inspector Charles Frederick Field, one of the Metropolitan Police’s early detective officers, made a name for himself in the early CID and outside the force due to his involvement in several high profile cases. On his retirement in 1852, he made use of his […]

Are employers allowed to hire a Private detective to investigate staff?

It may come as a surprise to many people, but employers are permitted to employ private detectives to investigate their staff. The main reason they would choose to take such action would be for the protection of the business and/or it’s assets. What an employer is not allowed to do is use a private detective […]

The benefits of councils using private investigators

One of the most common stories you’ll see in the local news is when someone is convicted of benefit fraud, having taken thousands of pounds of money that they weren’t entitled to. Unfortunately, there are even stories of people who’ve been falsely found guilty of benefit fraud – having essential money taken away from them […]

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