Is your employee working for the competition?

The end of July marked, according to George Osborne, the ‘end of the Great Recession’. Yet, figures and statistics won’t instantly represent the thoughts and feelings of the wider population. In difficult economic times, more and more people have taken on second jobs in order to better support their families and their lifestyles.

If you’re an employer, you’ve hopefully found that your employees have approached you regarding any additional work that they’ve planned to take on. They’ll each have their own reasons, whether they need more money or they’re preparing a back-up plan through fear that they could be made redundant. In some cases, you might have felt comfortable allowing your employees to take on second jobs as long as they also remain loyal to your company.

Yet, some employees go behind their employer’s back to secretly work elsewhere. Can you be sure that none of your employees are secretly working for your competitors?

The Risks of Second Jobs

Some employers are happy to allow members of staff to take on work elsewhere, with certain conditions in place. You want to make sure that a second job doesn’t have an impact on your employee’s ability to do their work for you. It’s vital that your employee isn’t too tired, doesn’t take time away from your job to fulfil commitments to their second job and, more importantly, isn’t giving away trade secrets.

Your employee’s biggest asset is his or her expertise. You benefit from the knowledge and experience of your employee, but there can be a conflict of interest if they’re also working for one of your competitors. The same knowledge that benefits your company might also be shared elsewhere and your employee might even be discussing your business plans with someone that is directly competing against you.

How Can You Find Out if Someone’s Working for Your Competitor?

Our private investigators can use surveillance to gather evidence about your employee and whether or not they’re doing any additional work. Corporate surveillance services might be of interest to you if you’re concerned that a member of staff is moonlighting or if your competitor seems to know a little too much about the inner workings of your business.

Why not call us on 01772 334 700 about Salford private investigators that can gather the information that you need on any employees that are working against your company’s interests?

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