Meeting a New Friend on Holiday

Often when you go on holiday, you’ll find yourself sharing a hotel or a cruise ship with many others from your country. And a lot of people like to strike up friendships while they’re abroad – you might just accidentally find yourself sat next to the same people at the bar, or by the pool, and the conversation can just flow.

The thing is, we’re often ashamed of asking for contact details to then keep in touch with those we meet on holiday. It might be that we’re worried about admitting we don’t have as many good friends back home as we like, or it might just feel like a socially-awkward question.

But what if you struck up a really good friendship with someone, and then really regretted not swapping Facebook details or phone numbers? And then you were sat at home, sad that a friendship (or perhaps even more?) couldn’t blossom.

Could a private investigator help?

Limited Information

The problem with finding people that you met on holiday is that you might only have limited information to go on. Hopefully you at least have a first name – that’s a start, but it’s impossible to find someone based purely on first name alone.

So, you need to start by actually working out how much information you do have on them. What do you remember about their appearance? And how about the stories they told you?

Did they mention children? If so, how many, roughly how old, and what were their names? Did they talk about their work, what kind of jobs they did (or used to do), or maybe they mentioned some special interests that could help narrow things down?

And what was their accent like? Even if they didn’t mention where they live, an accent could help if you have some more information to go with it. “Rita with a scouse accent” isn’t enough, but “Rita with a scouse accent who mentioned two adult children, Steve and Simon, and who used  to work as a nurse” is something. Maybe not enough, but it’s better.

It’s even more helpful if their accent doesn’t match where they said they lived, since you can then start to track people who might have relocated.

The more limited information you have, the harder the search will be – so try to put as good a dossier together as you can before you then speak to a private investigator for help.

Sometimes Searches Are Impossible

You should always be wary of any private investigator who tells you they can definitely find someone you met on holiday, especially if you don’t have much to go on.

We would always be honest with you about the chances, based on what details you can provide. If it’s likely to be impossible, we won’t let you waste your money. If it’s going to be difficult, but it’s clearly important to you, then we’ll explain what the chances are and agree a budget to work towards, and the steps we’d take so that you know we aren’t just taking your cash.

It’s absolutely worth giving us a call to find out more, if you want to find that friend from your holiday to reconnect. Bear in mind that the best we can do, if we do find them, is pass on your contact details to them. So it would still be in their hands to decide whether to reach out to you. But if you met someone who you feel you could enjoy a special connection with as a friend, then call us on 01772 334700 and we’ll discuss your options with you.