Vehicle tracking is a common process used in many private investigations

The warnings are in all of the newspapers this month: modern cars come with new security risks. Hackers have developed ways to break into keyless cars by creating their own key fobs, and as a result they can open our vehicles, start them up and drive them away with relative ease.

‘Car hacking’ is more than normal car theft, and the cars most at risk are the more expensive high-tech vehicles. The figures for car crime are rising dramatically, and people are being encouraged to consider other security measures including vehicle tracking so that their cars can be recovered in the event of a theft.

Yet, vehicle trackers aren’t just valuable if you’re looking to trace your car in the event that it’s stolen. They can also be used in a corporate environment or by individuals, to track a vehicle’s location on a day-to-day basis and to learn above the movements of the driver.

Vehicle Trackers for Day-to-Day Use

Vehicle trackers are valuable for anyone looking to add some extra security to their car, but companies can also use vehicle trackers to monitor the locations of fleet vehicles. A small, undetectable GPS device can be added to any vehicle and can provide real-time information about the whereabouts of a car, van or lorry. Alternatively, you can get vehicle trackers that record information to be accessed at a later date.

Vehicle tracking devices can be configured by our private detective in Oldham (and other locations we serve) to alert you if a vehicle moves out of a designated space and can be installed long-term or for a short period of time.

For security and for peace of mind, why not consider vehicle tracking for your company cars and vans? Find out more about our vehicle tracking services or call us on 01772 334 700.

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