Debugging and bug sweeping services
Debugging and bug sweeping services

The ‘Wilson doctrine’, in 1966, provided assurance to MPs that they would never be bugged and that their private conversations would remain their own. Now, The Guardian is addressing whether MPs are actually subject to frequent ‘authorised’ or ‘unauthorised’ bugging.

Yet, MPs aren’t the only victims. Celebrity bugging has been in the news a lot recently, and it’s been suggested that journalists have been listening in on the private conversations of non-celebrities, too. As we let an increasing amount of technology into our homes and workplaces, none of us can be entirely sure that our conversations are staying within four walls.

Searching for Bugging Devices

Bugging devices aren’t always easy to find. Someone might have taped one to the bottom of your desk, but more likely they’re hiding within other objects or are wired into computers and other electronic devices. Now that most laptops and games consoles come with their own cameras and microphones, we’re all willingly letting recording devices straight into our homes. There are concerns that devices such as webcams and Xbox Kinect cameras can be remotely activated, but these concerns aren’t usually enough to put us off plugging them in.

Bugging devices, electronic listening devices and other similar pieces of equipment might be hiding in plain sight, but there’s also the possibility that they’re in a discreet place that you’d never think to consider.

A specialist engineer can check your home, your office, your vehicle or any other location for bugging devices of any size or shape if you think that your privacy is compromised. As well as checking for hidden devices, specialist engineers can also check electronic equipment including TVs, radios, phones and clocks.

EJM Investigations Debugging Services

If you have any concerns at all that lead you to want us to sweep for bugs then it’s important that you call from a safe location. Don’t phone if you think that someone could be listening in. Contact us on 01772 334 700 for more information, or to arrange a visit from our engineer and Preston private investigator.