Recently published statistics show that 10% of us have been the victim of fraud.

Could you be a victim, and would you know what to do if you were?

How fraud is evolving

In the past, identity fraud often involved someone digging through your wheelie bin and collecting personal data from your letters, bills and bank statements.

Now, this information is stored online.

Whilst it’s great that you don’t need to shred your statements as often, or worry about someone intercepting your mail, what fraudsters now need is your online username and password.

We’re giving out more of our personal details than ever before, on social networking websites and to the companies that we buy from. A smart online fraudster can piece together that information, gaining access to your financial accounts. In fact, they may even be able to open accounts of their own using the information that you store on Facebook.

What you can do if you’re the victim of fraud

Being a victim of fraud is incredibly hard to deal with. It doesn’t just make you feel uncomfortable, or even violated knowing that someone has your personal information, but can take years of effort to recover from.

Once you’ve been the victim of fraud, proving your innocence and finding every account that you need to close, then getting the companies to agree when they might lose money as a result, can be a time-consuming and distressing challenge.

What’s worse, online fraud takes up resources that law enforcement professionals simply don’t have. Often, you’re left on your own to deal with the fallout of the crime.

An increasing number of people are turning to private investigators – or private detectives – to help with fraud cases. They can commit time and effort to finding the extent of fraud, tracking down the fraudster and helping to prove victim innocence.

When you could stand to lose out on a small fortune as a result of fraud, isn’t a call to EJM Investigations the best thing that you can do?

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