matrimonial surveillance services

It’s interesting to think about the things that we’d want to know, if we could follow our partners unseen.

When thinking about matrimonial surveillance, most people consider only the big details like ‘Is she cheating on me?’ and ‘What’s he really doing after work?’.

It might surprise you to know that some people would have their partner watched, just to see if they’re secretly smoking or drinking. It may surprise you even more to know that some would ask for medical details or investment information.

A private investigator’s limits

There are limits to the challenges that a private investigator will take on. These limits are not necessarily set by skill level, but by legality and ethics. Some things simply cannot be discovered without breaking the law, whilst some demands are too intimate even for a private investigator! A good PI will understand the way each piece of information uncovered can be used. Some questions may just be asked because of curiosity, and others potentially because of worrying obsessive behaviour. It’s up to the private investigator to know the line between what is being asked for a valid reason, and what isn’t.

Accepting a ‘no’

How would you feel if a private investigator could find no evidence to confirm your suspicions?

In cases where someone believes that their partner is cheating, it could be entirely possible that they’re not. Private investigators may be able to find out where the partner is actually spending their time, which can be useful and valuable information to someone that was worried about their partner’s behaviour. That said, the truth can sometimes raise more questions!

Before arranging matrimonial surveillance, spend some time thinking about the questions that you want answered. Also think about why you want those answers. This is valuable information to a private investigator, as it helps to set a clear goal.