absenteeism at work - what to do?

When you’re an employer, regardless of business size, your biggest asset is your staff. They’re also your largest expense. Whether you have a huge corporation or a small team that keep things ticking over, it’s vital you’re getting the best out of them at all times.

So, when someone is regularly absent, you’ll no doubt want to get to the bottom of it to resolve the problem. If you have an issue with absenteeism – when someone is regularly off work without a good reason – then you need to know so you can begin disciplinary proceedings.

Of course, in most cases, an employee will be absent with good reason. They may have a long-term medical condition, which you will probably be aware of, which causes them to need time off either just due to illness or for treatment. Or the employee may have an undiagnosed condition, either physical or mental, and you have a duty of care to make sure they get the help and support they need.

But what if an employee seems to be reeling off every excuse in the book? Or they’re using a vague illness to claim days off on a regular basis? If you have your suspicions then you can use a private investigator to gather evidence.

It’s so important that you use a reliable and professional investigator, so that discretion is assured. If you investigate an employee with a genuine condition, you risk huge damage to employee morale if the investigation becomes public. A good investigator will observe and record without detection.

The other benefit to a good private investigator is the comprehensive evidence you’ll receive. You won’t need to worry about challenging an employee based on weak assumptions. Often an employee, once they see the evidence they’re faced with, will resign straight away, avoiding the need for a lengthy process.

If you’re an employer with concerns about absenteeism, call EJM investigations on 0161 706 0135. We are Manchester local private detectives and process servers.

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