Background checks and employee vetting

For checks and vetting of this kind you need the kind of properly trained and experienced private investigators employed by EJM Investigations. Let’s consider the kind of situations where you may be well advised to avail yourself of such services.

When you think of vetting and background checks, it is all too easy to think of these as being relevant only to prospective employees. It’s important to avoid this kind of tunnel vision.

Take potential clients for example: Do you ever look into their credentials and status?  There may be good reasons for you to do so. It isn’t just a case of satisfying yourself regarding their ability to pay your bill either, important as that may well be.

Are they considered to be of good repute? It is an old truism that a man (or woman) is known by the company he (or she) keeps. If your potential client’s reputation does not stand up to close scrutiny; being seen to be associated with them will do nothing to enhance yours.

That said, there is no doubt that the purpose for which vetting and background checking are most frequently undertaken is to form part of the selection process for new employees. In most cases a prospective employee will be a complete stranger to you until he or she turns up for interview.

There is a limit to how much information you can glean from a short interview so how; for example, can you protect your organisation from the risk of taking in to a sensitive position a “Trojan horse”, planted by a competitor? For sure they will be impressive at the interview; however espionage or sabotage by such a person could cause a great deal of damage to your business. References may not always be what they seem to be!

How can you be certain that an applicant for a position at any level is the honest, upright citizen that they purport to be? Most undoubtedly are, but it only takes one to slip through to give you problems that you really do not need!

It is by no means unknown for people to be quite creative when preparing their CVs so, again, how can you be sure that what you are reading is an accurate description of an applicant’s past history? In any of the situations described, EJM Investigations can help.

Our private investigators will dig somewhat more deeply than making brief calls to referees. They have the training and experience to discreetly check and double check the true background and employment history of an applicant or indeed, potential partner.

There is nothing underhand about using the services of private investigators in this way. It makes complete sense to protect your business interests from the harm that can result from engaging the wrong person. You will be protecting your existing workforce too, not just yourself. You are unlikely to have the time or the skills required to carry out your own investigations: Using EJM Investigations to do so for you is the cost effective way to protect your business and all those who rely on it.

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