Are your employees moonlighting?

As your employees make their way through January, some might be struggling for money.

Christmas is expensive. New Year celebrations can quickly deplete a bank account. Employees enter January short of funds, then end up tempted into further difficulty by SALE signs in every window.

Small wonder, then, that many turn to January moonlighting.

Employees might be getting second jobs. They won’t necessarily make you aware. Instead, they’ll work for you and for their other employer, hoping to get away with what they’re doing. It might be against your company policy, and there’s a very good chance that it’ll have a negative effect on your business.

How can moonlighting affect your business?

An employee that’s moonlighting – taking on a second job – will almost certainly become less productive. They’ll be tired from balancing the work, and will probably have higher stress levels from trying to keep their secret.

Moonlighting employees might also be less loyal to your company, and less passionate about what they do. They’ve got alternative employment, like an extra relationship on the side of a marriage, taking their time and attention.

If moonlighting is left unchecked, it doesn’t just lower productivity and loyalty levels. Your employee could reduce their hours, to fit in more time for their alternative employment. In fact, they may leave you completely. If they decide their other job is better and the grass is greener, it won’t take much for them to jump ship and leave. They won’t even be worried about a positive reference if they’re already employed somewhere else!

Then, there’s the risk of a conflict of interest. Are they working for a competitor? Could they share company secrets? Is your customer data safe?

What are the signs of moonlighting and what can you do?

Look out for employees calling in sick more often than usual, or being more eager to get away at the end of the day. This could be a sign that their time is spent working elsewhere.

Employees might even slip up, accidentally mentioning their alternative job. They might answer a phone using the wrong company name, or refuse a work night out because they’re working elsewhere.

If you’re concerned about possible moonlighting and the effect that it could have, give us a call on 01772 334 700. We can investigate, providing the evidence you need to start a conversation with your employee.

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