When you’re choosing a private investigator, you need to be assured of their quality. Will your chosen investigator do a good job, or will they sit at home drinking coffee whilst they’re charging you by the hour?

Does your private investigator have a record of success, or did they set their business up yesterday?

There are many ways to check that you’re using a professional private investigator. You’ll want to be sure that they will treat your fairly and keep information secure and confidential.

It’s essential to do your own research before you choose a PI for hire.

Of course, if you had the time and ability to do in-depth research and background checks, you wouldn’t need an investigator at all! So, make it easy on yourself. Start by checking if your chosen PI is a member of a trade association.

In addition it would be wise to look for feedback and testimonials left by clients at reputable sources such as Yell, Freeindex, Facebook and so forth.

What are the trade associations?

Members of trade associations must adhere to certain procedures.

In the UK, the three associations to look out for are the World Association of Professional Investigators (WAPI), the Association of British Investigators (ABI) and the Institute of Professional Investigators (IPI).

The details of their inner workings are not particularly important. You can be assured of their quality and, as a result, the quality of private investigators with membership.

EJM Investigations is a member of WAPI – the World Association of Professional Investigators.

How do you check trade association membership?

Private investigators are likely to publish their memberships on their websites. A membership is a big selling point for any PI, which means that they’ll want you to know.

Don’t rely on a logo alone, or on the details published on a private investigator’s own site. You can also visit the trade association’s website. From there, search for the company or individual that you’re hoping to hire for your investigation.

Trade associations are a mark of quality in the industry.

To hire EJM Investigations, call 01772 334 700.

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