When the police cannot help, why not turn to private investigators such as EJM?

Overstretched and limited by budgets, our police force cannot do everything.

You can turn to the police for many things, but there are times when they can’t help or when they’re not able to dedicate their time to you.

Hiring a private investigator may help in circumstances where you need to increase your options, or need answers that the police cannot provide.

Here are just a few examples of times when you might need private investigation services:

Online threats:

Are you being threatened online?

Police forces are taking online threats more seriously than ever before, but there’s still a lot of work to be done.

Laws don’t currently address online threats that aren’t followed through, which means that the police can’t spend their time investing every negative Tweet or Facebook post. Private investigators, however, can spend their time looking into these online comments.

CCTV recordings:

Perhaps your property has been damaged or stolen, and you have a CCTV recording that might show the person that did it?

Many people don’t invest in crystal clear CCTV equipment, thinking that a budget system will do the job or that they won’t really need to look back on anything that their camera records. Sadly, this often results in blurry and unclear images that the police are unable to use.

The police might do their best to find criminals, but they can’t always spend hours on grainy or pixelated CCTV images.

A private investigator, or private detective, can dedicate their time to going over your recording and finding any clues that can be used. Then, they put your recording to good use by searching for the people caught on camera.

Tracing missing persons:

The police will always try to trace a missing person. But, when someone’s been missing for a considerable amount of time, their case is officially closed. Time is limited, which means that the family might be looking for answers when everyone else has stopped searching.

When other options are unavailable, a private investigator can use their skills to search for a missing person. EJM investigations can work to trace a missing person no matter where they are in the world. For further details, call 01772 334 700.

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