Some people go missing due to circumstances beyond their control. They may be victims of crime. They may suffer amnesia, possibly brought on by stress, or other mental issues. In such cases, as with children and adults who are vulnerable for whatever reason, police and other agencies will go to great lengths to find them.

However, police forces, in common with all publicly funded services, have finite resources available. Outside of those categories and where the person concerned is not a suspect in a serious criminal investigation, missing persons are necessarily allocated a much lower priority.

A suspect will usually have gone missing deliberately of course. However people disappear intentionally for many other reasons too, but it isn’t easy and needs careful planning.

Consider, if you will, the nature of today’s world where every aspect of our lives seems to be recorded in some system or other. You might then be forgiven for wondering how anyone who wants to go missing ever manages to do so. Indeed it is extremely difficult to voluntarily disappear completely.

However, most of those records and registrations are governed by confidentiality rules and data protection legislation. That also makes it extremely difficult for the average person to find someone with whom they have lost contact.

When someone seems to have vanished completely, the chances are that some authority, somewhere, will know where they are but they won’t necessarily tell anyone else. Besides; assuming that the individual is not believed to have been the victim of crime; is not known to have ever engaged in criminal activity in the past and is currently not suspected of crime but is simply living as a law-abiding citizen; he or she has the right to privacy.

If the reason for disappearance is to evade substantial debts which the subject is unwilling or unable to pay, their creditors may well consider it worthwhile engaging the services of private investigators such as EJM Investigations. EJM Investigations have access to a whole network of investigators as well as their own extensive experience in tracing people who, for whatever reason, do not wish to be found.

The expertise and resources available to us as investigators can also be invaluable in cases where clients have simply lost touch with a relative and wish to be reunited with them. The “lost” relation may not even be aware that anyone is looking for them! The client will always be advised at the outset that success in these cases cannot be guaranteed. Furthermore when we are successful, we can only put them in touch with one another if the subject so wishes. Otherwise, we can only report that they are safe and well but do not wish to be contacted. That can at least provide some comfort and may be sufficient for the client to consider the project worthwhile.

We can help by using private detectives in Manchester; and within other locations, to locate missing persons or to help you re-connect with someone you may have simply lost contact with.

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