The World Cup is a huge event, and every four years the entire country seems to go absolutely football mad. With 64 games over the course of a month, it’s all you’ll hear talk of as everyone buys into the hype.

Which is great, unless you’re a business owner who needs your employees to focus. And since games are often scheduled during work time, as they are for many businesses during the current tournament in Russia, it can be hard to remind employees that work must come first.

And there’s a good chance, if a big game comes up during the day, that you might get an employee ‘pulling a sickie’, and conveniently coming down with an illness that just happens to time itself perfectly with watching the big game.

For most businesses, this won’t be a massive issue. People do phone in sick on occasion, and if you do suspect that someone’s pretending to be ill to watch one game, you’ll be able to deal with it using your standard disciplinary procedures. The problems occur when someone suddenly takes a couple of weeks off ill when you really can’t afford to lose them. Or perhaps an employee has a terrible disciplinary record already, and even just one day of pretending to be ill is the last straw.

Yet genuine illnesses do happen. So how can you prove that someone is faking it? Well if the matter is serious enough, you may consider hiring a private investigator. Using a professional PI means that your employee need never find out – perfect if their illness is genuine – but if they’re faking it, you’ll be presented with a dossier of evidence that you can use to show them you know of their deceit.

If your business is at a critical stage, and you need all hands on deck but are concerned about numerous sick days, or you’ve got a troublesome employee who’s on their last warning, consider giving EJM Investigations a call on 01772 334700. Our service is guaranteed to be discreet.

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