When your other half is on a holiday, our discreet team can be on hand to ensure any concerns you have about cheating partners are dismissed or confirmed.

We’re enjoying one of the best summers in recent memory, and with that comes more holiday planning. It’s natural – sunnier weather puts us in the holiday mood, and we want to make the most of that, whether it’s at home in the UK on a city break or heading further afield.

One of the most popular holiday types for adults is the ‘lads break’ or the ‘girls holiday’, where large single sex groups head off to relax, unwind and usually have a few drinks too. And it’s all in good fun, for the most part.

But sometimes these holidays can spell disaster, especially when one of the group is in a long-term relationship. Because often relationships are tested on these holidays – anytime there’s a large group of guys or girls, all having a few too many drinks and partying hard, it sometimes doesn’t take much for mistakes to be made.

If you’re the other half left at home, this can of course be devastating. But it may be even worse – this could be the person you were planning on marrying, on committing to for life. And you may not even find out if they’ve cheated – friends may stick together under the banner of ‘what happens on holiday, stays on holiday’.

So, if your boyfriend, girlfriend or even fiancé is heading on holiday with friends, and you’ve got some suspicions about your potential life partner – they’ve been distant, or they’ve cheated before – why not hire a private investigator?

Our investigators cover the whole of the UK and can even travel abroad if necessary. We’re trained in surveillance – your partner would never have a clue that they were being watched, and we’d be able to put your mind at ease or give you the proof in the event something did happen.

If you’re interested in finding out more, call us on 01772 334700.

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