vehicle gps tracking system service

One of the services we offer at EJM Investigations is vehicle tracking. We offer a range of services that allow us to record the location of a car using a tracker, either live or, for those on a budget, after a set period of time. Most often, people assume that vehicle tracking is used to help catch out cheating partners, and it is extremely useful in finding out whether someone is being honest about where they’re heading after work.

But there are many other potential uses for our GPS trackers. Here are just some of the ways we could help you with our vehicle tracking service.

Keeping tabs on the kids

Nobody wants to spy on their own children, but if you’ve just spent a lot of money buying their first car and you aren’t 100% sure they’re going to be doing what they should be, then vehicle tracking may offer a non-invasive solution. You don’t need to know what they’re doing, just whether they’re going where they say they are, and therefore if they can be trusted with that £10k car you’ve just spent your own savings on.

Watching over company property

Some businesses offer company cars to their employees but you may have certain rules on usage in place. Concerned someone is breaking these rules and taking your company property abroad or on holiday? As long as you’ve covered yourself in your contracts, you could ask us to place a tracker on the vehicle that only alerts you if the car is used incorrectly.

Holiday protection

If your car is your absolute pride and joy, particularly if it’s worth a pretty penny, then you may be worried about it when you go on holiday, and sometimes a garage just doesn’t offer enough protection. Use our tracking services and you’ll always know where your car is, so you never need to worry.

These are just some of the ways you might want to use our vehicle tracking service. Why not give us a call on 01772 334700 to find out more?

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