Keeping your company above board

Your business is your pride and joy. Whether you’re an owner or simply a stakeholder, you no doubt put in a huge amount of work to make every success of it.

So when someone in your business puts all of that at risk by acting inappropriately or even illegally on company premises, you’ll want to put an end to that immediately. Not only can you suffer cost damages due to their behaviour but the impact on your reputation, if undercover activities became public, could be devastating to your future success.

The behaviours to look out for

Keeping a close eye on all of your employees and your property is almost impossible at times. Employees can be smart and will work out where your normal cameras and security cover exists.

And then you need to think about what kind of illicit activities they could be undertaking. Are they selling drugs from your warehouse, using it as a meeting point? Perhaps they’re using your manufacturing equipment to create counterfeit goods that they can sell on. Or maybe they’re simply stealing from you, either taking cash or sneaking supplies and merchandise off premises to make money on later.

How a PI can help

Bringing in a PI is a great way to find out whether someone is committing a crime at your business, or to identify a suspect if you are already aware of illegal issues. There are a number of options available too, including carrying out surveillance on your behalf to even providing an undercover employee to build trust with your current team and dig a little deeper.

If you know something is happening but have no suspects, a PI can do background checks to identify those likely to be involved. And ultimately a PI can provide evidence at the culmination of an investigation, either in court or in an internal meeting.

Worried that you may have employees acting unlawfully in your business? Give EJM Investigations a call on 01772 334700 today.

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