Do you run a small business? If so, you’re a potential victim of a fraudulent injury claim.

It’s becoming increasingly popular for unscrupulous individuals to announce that they’ve been injured on business premises. They’ll claim for their injury, earning some compensation for whatever injury they might have invented.

Small businesses are more likely to back down than larger companies, and don’t have the money to put up a big legal fight, which means that they’re easy targets. If you’re a victim of a compensation claim, you might pay quickly to avoid any escalating legal fees. This encourages fraudsters to try the same again, because they know that they’ll get what they want.

Not all injury claims are fraudulent, but how do you protect your business from the ones that are?

Invest In Good CCTV

With extensive CCTV coverage, there is a good chance that a customer’s actions are being caught on camera. Were they even in the building when they claimed to have been injured? Did the incident actually happen?

High quality video footage is the best evidence against a fraudulent claim. It’s certainly worth investing in.

Keep Records of Maintenance

Maintain your business property to a high standard. Avoid loose paving slabs, exposed cables, wet floors without signage, and other health and safety risks. This reduces the chance of any real injury, but also gives fraudsters fewer tools that they can use for their claim.

Train Your Staff Effectively

As part of your staff training, make sure that your employees know what to look out for. Ask them to report any suspicious activity or health and safety concerns. Be ready to call on them for their version of events.

Hire a Private Investigator

Hiring a private investigator could be your best way to protect yourself, with or without additional evidence such as CCTV footage.

Never back down. You don’t deserve to pay out for an injury that never existed. Show fraudsters that you’re not going to give in and throw money their way.

A private investigator can carry out research and surveillance, to discover whether or not a claimant is telling the truth. We may uncover that they’re a repeat offender and have made claims against other businesses in the past, or might find that they’re faking their injury only when they’re around your business property.

By contacting EJM Investigations on 01772 334 700, you can be assured of a professional private investigation service to protect your business interests.

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