Blackpool Process Server

Process serving is extremely important. If you’re a solicitor, you’ll often have to ensure that documents are served in a timely manner so that there are no delays in legal proceedings. However, there’s then a balance to be struck – do you do this work yourself, and pause your other tasks that require more of your expertise?

Or do you hire someone to do it for you, and if so, how can you make sure the job is carried out efficiently and also in a cost-effective manner?

There are a lot of process servers available, but it’s always best to go local. If you’re in the North West and you need the services of Blackpool process servers, you could save time and money by choosing a private detective agency like ours.

Local experts

Our team at EJM Investigations are based in the North West, less than 30 minutes from the heart of Blackpool. Coupled with the fact that we work throughout the region, this means that we know the area really well, and we’re trusted by solicitors in Blackpool and the surrounding towns already.

Because of that, you know you’re hiring process servers who can serve your documents quickly. Choosing a national company, or someone unfamiliar with the area, means you’re essentially putting your faith into satnav, as they use the limited address information they have along with their inexperience of the roads to try to find the right place.

Instead, our expert team can quickly identify the easiest way to reach an address, and the best times to get to the area. That means we serve documents in fewer attempts and a shorter overall amount of time, which is better for you as it means you aren’t having to worry about failures and having to pay for services that couldn’t be rendered.

Because we’re local we’re also usually available at short notice too. You can’t always guarantee that you have a lot of time to arrange process serving in Blackpool and the region, and if you need someone served quickly, we aren’t far away.

Why choose a private detective agency?

Choosing a private detective agency near Blackpool to carry our your process serving tasks, instead of an agency that is only dedicated to process serving, has a number of advantages. As experienced private investigators we are trained in finding people.

We also have a wide knowledge of the law – we understand what must be carried out as part of process serving but we also know our legal boundaries on finding and approaching people, so that you don’t need to worry about documents being served in an unlawful manner.

There’s also the practical side of choosing skilled PIs, as we can carry out more than just process serving in Blackpool. If you use our services, with our police backgrounds, we can aid in other tasks that you may not have time for, including interviewing witnesses and recording statements. Using one company rather than multiple helps you keep costs low, and saves you the job of finding more people to work with.

Interested in our Blackpool process serving experience? Call the EJM Investigations team on 01772 334700 today.

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