For the parent of a baby, toddler or slightly older child, there can be nothing more important than peace of mind. Every parent wants to know that their child is safe and happy, even when they’re not around due to work commitments or the occasional evening out with friends.

Of course, the Internet has made parents both more aware and more worried about who they’re entrusting their children to. ‘Hidden camera’ setups reveal that not every carer can be trusted, even though a vast majority can.

How Can You Protect Your Child?

It isn’t always practical to be a child’s sole carer, 24/7. As a result, you need to look into childcare solutions. You can work to find a suitable carer by asking for references, but if you’re asking a friend to babysit then they’re unlikely to show up with a CV. References, sadly, can also be artificially manufactured.

A private investigator can carry out background checks on anyone that you’re hiring to look after your child, whether they’re a close friend or previously a complete stranger. You’ll gain peace of mind from knowing your babysitter’s history.

What Else Can You Do?

Cameras are one option, but can come with legal implications. Be sure that you fully understand these legal implications before you install your ‘Teddy Bear CCTV’. An increasing number of nurseries are installing live webcams so that parents can log in and check up on their children, but this can be a risk for parents that will find themselves constantly checking and unable to relax. A camera can be a temptation that you just don’t need, when the likelihood is that your toddler is fine.

Use reputable sites when searching for a babysitter or childcare professional, and ask around for recommendations from people that you trust – other parents at your child’s school, for example.

Remember that even people that you’re close to might not be entirely trustworthy. It doesn’t make sense to be paranoid, but contacting a private investigator is a subtle way to look into a friend’s past without offending them or affecting your relationship.

Finally, if your child is old enough, be communicative at all stages. Let your child know who will be caring for them and what to do if they feel uncomfortable or unhappy with their carer. Speak to them before and after they’ve been cared for by someone else. If your child is too young to express their thoughts, look to their body language and how they behave as a review if their experience.

You deserve a break, and taking time away from your child can be beneficial for both of you. If you do want to carry out checks to find out more about your chosen babysitter or your child’s nursery, call EJM investigations on 01772 334 700.

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