Snowy and icy weather swept across the UK this week. For many of us, this meant little more than driving more slowly and turning the heating up at home. For some, living out in the cold whilst homeless makes the icy weather more dangerous.

If you’re a social media user then you may have seen shared posts about the Cold Weather Provision, which aims to make sure that homeless people have a warm bed each night when temperatures drop below a certain level. If you’re the relative of a missing person, these cold nights might be on your mind as you wonder if a loved one is spending the night outside.

Is it time to call a private investigator?

There are so many missing person cases that, unfortunately, public resources can’t be focused on any one particular case. Missing people can live out on the streets unnoticed for weeks, months and years whilst they’re on the records as a case that needs to be solved.

A private investigator provides an alternative solution for you and your family – someone that is hired just to work on your missing person case. By hiring a private investigator in Preston, the wider Lancashire area or elsewhere, you’re taking a solid step to finding out what happened to a loved one.

If your partner walked out after an argument and you haven’t heard from them since, if an elderly relative wandered off and you fear that they might be lost, or if your teenager ran away and you’re not sure if they’re living on the streets, then using a private investigator could provide you with the answers that you need, want and deserve.

What if your loved one was sitting out in the cold just a mile or two away? Private investigators have the experience to find a missing person even if they’ve changed their looks or in some way altered their identity, such as going by a different name.

Call 01772 334 700 to speak to private investigators at EJM Investigations, if this cold weather has you particularly concerned about the safety of a missing person.