It’s recently been announced that the search for missing Madeleine McCann has been ‘dramatically scaled back’, more than 8 years since her disappearance. It has also been announced that a missing boy has been found, 13 years after he was abducted by his father who did not have custody rights. Those involved in the case of the missing boy have cited his discovery as the reason why you should never give up searching.

Would you stop, and when?

If you’re the one looking for a missing person, when do you stop your search? When should you say enough is enough? The reality for most is that they never stop searching; even when a formal search ends fruitlessly, there are individuals scouring the internet and scanning the face of everyone they pass in the street. There are losses that you don’t get over.

What about the professionals?

Searches for missing people are often intensive and short-lived, or else they burn slowly in the background for a while. Very few are high-profile cases like the McCann search, but even those must be scaled back and eventually brought to an end. The cases may be reopened in the future, if new evidence comes to light, but they won’t be active forever. Each case will dwindle out at its own pace, taking into account a variety of factors.

What if your search needs to continue?

Many searching for a missing loved one aren’t ready to rest when the professionals are. They have hope, and until a case is closed with strong evidence then the discovery of a missing person is still a possibility.

If you want to keep searching for a missing person then hiring a private investigator will ensure that there is someone representing your interests, running a qualified search using all of the resources available and their years of experience. It can be extremely reassuring to know that there is someone out there looking for the person that you love, working alongside your efforts.

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