If you haven’t yet heard of the Investigatory Powers Bill, you’re certainly not alone. This bill is being quietly scrutinised, after being passed in early June to go to the House of Lords.

Those in favour of this bill believe that it’s an important security measure. Those against it, including the Scottish National Party, are concerned about the invasion of privacy.

What is the Investigatory Powers Bill?

Amongst other things, the Investigatory Powers Bill will allow UK intelligence agencies and law enforcers to intercept communications.

It will require your internet providers (including your phone provider) to keep records of every website that you visit, for at least a year. Police and intelligence agencies will be able to view this web browsing information without a warrant, as part of an investigation. They will also be able to hack into your computer, or any other connected device.

What does the Investigatory Powers Bill mean for you?

Data about your web browsing activity will need to be kept securely, though we know from experience that this doesn’t always go to plan.

A lot of your information is already being stored, but this new requirement will ensure that all of your records are kept for a full year or more. You may find that worrying, even if you’re entirely innocent. Do you really want to accept the possibility that your browsing history from the last year could get into the wrong hands and be published for the world to see?
The likelihood is that the introduction of the Investigatory Powers Bill would not be something that you noticed. You would personally see no changes as a result.

It raises interesting questions, however.

How do you feel about surveillance? What if matrimonial surveillance would uncover your partner’s secret affair, or if surveillance could determine that an employee was skipping shifts at work to do another job elsewhere?

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